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Enhancing the competitiveness and the growth of PLUM company’s production and technological capability

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The primary objective of this project is to expand the production of innovative products – the controllers of heating technology and increase production capacity by constructing a new production building. The investment will create the possibility for mass production of EkoMax innovative controllers. The company’s competitiveness and its production and technological capability will increase as a result of undertaken actions. The company complies with the basic objectives of development strategy and at the same time corresponds to market needs. The project provides for investments mainly in modern production facilities. Its implementation will create production and manufacturing capacities for a wide range of heating technology controllers. The investments are related to fundamental changes (modernization) of the entire production process. Technological and organizational capacities will allow the company to mass- produce innovative products - ecoMax, ecoKOM, ecoSOL, ecoWENT controllers.

Other targets being very important for the enterprise, which shall be achieved thanks to project implementation, are as follows: 

1. Production diversification: controllers produced by Plum are very innovative regulators, which will be sold on a large scale. Their sale will protect the company against dependence on a single industry (natural gas industry) and a wider offer will increase flexibility of business activities. 

2. Competitiveness improvement: a demanding market and an industry specification require a mass, not unit production of controllers. This investment will enable the company to expand the production of controllers and gain a competitive edge. 

3. Increase in turnover and growth of the company’s profitability: the project implementation will allow to mass-produce a full range of controllers for heat engineering, which will result in an increase in the company’s turnover. 

4. Employment growth: 24 new workplaces will be created. 

5. Increasing business innovation: 
    - Product Innovation: EkoMax Fuzzy Logic controllers being currently produced by the firm are European scale innovative products. 
    - Technological innovation: the purchase of modern machinery will create new production capabilities. 
    - Process Innovation: the production of EkoMax controllers will cause fundamental changes in management and manufacturing process organisation. The company will resign from currently used   work centre manufacturing. Adopting modern and innovative organisational solutions will increase flexibility of the business activity and the firm’s competitiveness.